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  • Anticipation
  • Customer commitment
  • Independence


Barcelona: Tel. 932 657 461 Fax. 932 652 587

Vic: Tel. 938 863 044 Fax. 938 892 924

Granollers: Tel. 938 792 359 Fax. 938 600 850

Sant Celoni: Tel. 938 670 900 Fax. 938 674 448



Tax and accounting advice

• Tax and accounting advice
• Preparation of Tax Declaration
• Assistance in summons and inspections
• Advice, preparation and payment of the tax on inheritance and donations (ISD)
• Preparation of Financial Statements
• Legalization of Bookkeeping
• Tax settlement
• Outsourcing of accounting processes and of economic-financial monitoring processes

Employment Counselling

• Labour advice in the field of payroll administration
• Preparation of payrolls
• Preparation of contribution documents
• Preparation and legalization of labour contracts and extensions
• Preparation of withholding tax returns
• Study, calculation and processing of temporary disability benefits, disability, retirement and other benefits of the social security system
• Special schemes of Social Security (self-employed, domestic service)
• Legal form of Labour Books
• Attendance at conciliation procedures in front of the International Civil Service-CMAC

Legal and commercial counselling

• Incorporation of companies and other legal entities
• Modifications to the By-Laws and renovation of charges
• Processing and recording of documents in the Commercial and Land Register
• Preparation and processing of the Annual Accounts Deposit in the Commercial Register
• Advice on Data Protection
• Legalization and updating of Mercantile Books
• Advice and settlement of Tax on Inheritance and Donations
• Procurement Law. Preparation and revision

Administrative management

• Advice and preparation of all types of proceedings before the Public Administration
• Legalization of activities

Tax and financial advice

• Study, diversification and monitoring of an investment portfolio
• Funding research projects for individuals and businesses
• Information on new financial products in the market