Our values

  • Customization
  • Update
  • Anticipation
  • Customer commitment
  • Independence


Barcelona: Tel. 932 657 461 Fax. 932 652 587

Vic: Tel. 938 863 044 Fax. 938 892 924

Granollers: Tel. 938 792 359 Fax. 938 600 850

Sant Celoni: Tel. 938 670 900 Fax. 938 674 448


The Office

The Firm

ORTEMESA started their business in 1921. Throughout ninety years of history, the counselling service has remained in constant evolution which has allowed ORTEMESA to be at the forefront of its industry. In 1997 they were awarded the Badge Francesc Macià de la Generalitat de Catalunya for their work offering service to businesses and individuals.

Our organization bases its philosophy of action under the premises of personalized service, flexibility and precision in the execution of the service, as well as an accurate procedure in all areas of performance and customer relations.

ORTEMESA is linked, through our group of professional firms, to the international network Crowe Global, which has more than 490 offices in more than 100 countries, allowing us to provide advice to foreign companies wishing to develop their activities in Spain and give legal cover to local companies with international expansion.

The consultancy has more than 60 professionals from different business disciplines that, after a rigorous selection process and internal training, define the various departments of the firm, operating in a functional form, specialized and interrelated with the aim of providing broad and complete solutions to our customers.

In addition to the essential direct relationship to our customers, we focus on new technologies and information by providing them various communication channels (website, magazine and corporate newsletter “ACTUAL”). All these means put the necessary interrelationship to the service of our customers so that they have all the information and legislative developments immediately and available in time.

Corporate values


We strengthen the close relationship and communication of our professionals with our customers. We structure and create teams that allow comprehensive advice suited to your needs and particularities when the matter requires.

Regular updating

To respond adequately to the needs of our clients and a dynamic services environment, ORTEMESA permanently develops specific training programs for its members.


We attach priority to the assessment and immediate adaptation of regulatory changes in the operations of our clients and provide swiftly any news which might be useful.

Customer Commitment

We consider basic constant and direct relationship with the customer, in order to meet your business in depth and provide appropriate solutions to your needs and fulfil effectively  with the commitment made.